Dear Poetry is a movement dedicated to restoring the community through the lost art of writing. Dear Poetry exists to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to share their story through the gifts and passions that make them come alive. Our team has a love for establishing the community.
In the same light, we¬†desire to build others and also bring awareness of God’s greatness within them. We are Gods great possession. In us he buried a treasure from heaven; and it is a perfect love strategy to establish his excellent kingdom on earth.



We believe that community is essential. We were never meant to do life alone. Within community we welcome transparency and create a safe environment to not be perfect.


We believe that honor affirms value. We call out the best or what we like to call, “the gold” in people. We respond to others based on who they are in God and how He sees them.


We believe in restoring, building, and equipping others. Our desire is to reveal the rightful authority in the gifts that God has placed within us all.


We believe that creativity lives inside of us all. Creativity is the hearts desire inspired by dreams and imagination. We believe that when fear is moved out of your mind, creativity will instantly fill it.