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Who We Are

Dear Poetry exists to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to do the things that make them come alive. Through our gifts and passions, our lives will write a story, that many people will read. We want to see communities transformed through people who are pursuing their dreams and purpose.

Did You Know?

Total Population of U.S. High School Dropouts
35% of the U.S. homeless population are families with children,
The US population of ages 16 and older having trouble with basic reading and writing?

The Story Behind “Dear Poetry”

The name "Dear Poetry" is inspired by the poetic love letters and the book Songs of Solomon, we encounter a bridegroom who is longing for the affections of his bride. In spite of her imperfections and insecurities his love restored her. As a result, she came forth into her purpose and invited others to know about the love she discovered. In the same way, we hope that through Dear Poetry you will be encouraged to share and search out the poetry placed within you.